Limited Editions

Limited Edition Prints:

(coming soon) 

June 14, 2016

 Starting in December 2017, there will be a limited edition print coming out at a rate of one every quarter.  These limited edition high-quality; high-resolution prints will be a run of ten with a list price of $750.00 per print.  Once these prints are gone, the image RAW and JPG files will be deleted and the only copy that will remain in the possession of the photographer will be a single print proof which will be denoted as SOLD OUT.

Once these limited editions are sold out, they are gone; never to be printed again.

They will be printed on metallic paper at a maximum size of 16x20 in 300dpi and framed using a floater frame on plaque.

For each Limited Edition Print; we will have a "Behind the Image" video that we will put on our YouTube Channel that will give you a behind the scenes look at how the image was created from concept, to shooting, to printing process.  We know that this will be an interesting viewpoint and that you will see value for value in being there with us for each step of the process.  

Please check back with us for further updates.